Best 5G Technology Stocks to Invest in India

Best 5G Technology Stocks to Invest in India

5G technology is preparing to come to India soon. And the stock related to it is also seen to be bullish in the coming days in a tremendous way. In 5G technology, many things like Infrastructure, Technology, Hardware etc., the company will be associated with it. Today, through this post, we will know which are the best 5G Technology Stocks to Invest in India, which are the stocks which perform well in the coming days. Let’s know-

Stocks to Invest in India Tremendous Return in Future:-

Tech Mahindra :

Whenever we talk about 5G stock, the name of IT stock comes first. Among them, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technology etc. have shares of many technologies. All the companies have started the work related to 5G. In an IT company, you have to keep yourself updated the most, otherwise you can leave the sector at any time. One of these 5G companies is a company that has a little more experience.

When there was no talk of 5G in India, Tech Mahindra was an AC company that was doing 5G related work abroad. That’s why it can be said that this company has a little more experience than other rival companies. This does not mean that the other partner companies are bad.

Whether it is talk of Artificial Intelligence of Tech Mahindra company or talk of 5G, from a long time ago, the company used to get orders from abroad as well. Some time ago a news came that Tech Mahindra had offered to work with Reliance Jio. Everyone wants to be associated with the company Realince. If this happens, then Tech Mahindra can make good profit in the coming times. If you want, you can keep an eye on this stock.

Stocks to Invest in India
Stocks to Invest in India

Best 5G Technology Shares to Invest in

Reliance Industries Limited:-

Every company with whom it wants to join is a Reliance company. There are many sectors in it. Among them, the only one related to 5G technology is Reliance Jio. Very soon Jio is preparing to bring its 5G network.

This week, on June 24, Reliance will make a big announcement related to 5G at the AGM. Simultaneously, Jio is also preparing to bring its 5G smartphone. The business model of Reliance is very big and will also make Smartphones with the network. Due to which you are going to earn tremendous profits in the coming time, if you want to invest in 5G shares of Bhabisya, then you should definitely focus on Reliance Share.

Bharti Airtel Limited:-

Talking about 5G share, there is another share Bharti Airtel. The biggest competitor of Reliance Jio. If we look at this company, then the whole business depends on the network itself. So far, if we look at the share price in the long run, then there are very slow moving stocks. These stocks also show tremendous performance when the government will approve 5G. If you want, keep Bharti Airtel under your watch, the fundamentals of the stock are very good.

5G Technology Stocks Huge Returns

Dixon Technologies:-

The name of Dixon Technology must come in the name of 5G Technology Stocks. This company works in different business, one of them is 5G Mobile Manufacturing. At present, China has occupied 75% of the smartphone business. If any Indian company can compete with it, it is Dixon Technologies. India’s first mobile manufacturing company which is capable to manufacture 5G Smartphone.

Talking about the last one year, the stock has given a tremendous return of about 284% to its shareholders. If you want, you can keep this share in your watchlist.

5G Technology Stocks
5G Technology Stocks

My Opinion:-

Before buying any stock, you should see which stock is doing well according to the future. You should try analyzing the stock yourself. My opinion would be that whatever share you buy, hold it for a long time.

I hope by reading the post Best 5G Technology Stocks to Invest in India, you must have understood in which stock you can get good returns by investing. If you have any question or suggestion related to this, then definitely tell in the comment. To know about the stock market in detail and stay updated with important market news, stay tuned with Market with Manoj Talukdar everyday.

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