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How many trades can be done in a day in the Indian stock market?

How many stock transactions are possible per day?

How many trades can be executed per day on the Indian stock market is a fundamental and crucial question, particularly for all the new market participants who are new to the stock market, lack experience, and want to learn, and make a profit by trading in the stock market.

The straightforward response to this question is that there is no limit on the number of stock market transactions.

However, if the exchange has placed a circuit on the trading of a particular stock for some reason, that stock can only be traded in accordance with the stock exchange’s instructions.

Aside from this, in today’s post I will discuss in depth the answer to this fundamental question: how many types of trading are there on the stock market?

How many types of stock market trading are there?

On the Indian stock market, there are two types of trading:

Initially, Intraday Trading.

The transactions which are not credited to the DEMAT ACCOUNT, and which are generally completed on the same day, i.e. sell on the same day as purchased or purchase on the same day as sold.

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Secondly, Delivery Based Trading.

In Delivery-based trading, the trade is credited to the DEMAT ACCOUNT, i.e., the stocks are credited to the DEMAT ACCOUNT before the trade can be sold.

Note that – when you buy stock on delivery, the stock does not get credited to your DEMAT ACCOUNT immediately. Instead, it takes T+2 DAYS, where T is the date you purchased the stock, and on the evening of T+2 DAYS, that share is credited to your DEMAT ACCOUNT.

Similar to – If you have placed an order to purchase a stock on Monday, you will receive confirmation of the purchase today. The money will be deducted from your account, but the stock will be deposited into your DEMAT ACCOUNT. In T+2, or Monday plus two days, credit will be issued on Wednesday evening.

Now that you understand that there are two types of trades on the stock market, let’s address your main question: how many trades can be executed per day? understand,

How many stock transactions are possible per day?

After understanding how many types of trading are conducted on the Indian stock market, if the same question can be asked about different trades, how many transactions can be conducted in each trade?

Therefore, let’s begin by conversing

How many trades can be executed in intraday trading per day?

Therefore, the answer is that there is no limit to the number of intraday trades that can be executed.

You can trade as often as you like by purchasing and selling a stock immediately.

Note that – intraday trading has nothing to do with your DEMAT ACCOUNT, but you must keep in mind that – for intraday trading, there must be sufficient funds in your trading account.

In addition, when you buy an intraday stock, the value of the stock is immediately deducted from your trading account, and when you sell it, the selling price is immediately credited to your trading account. She leaves,

Thus, intraday trading allows for an unlimited number of trades per day.

You alone must remember that the stock you are trading should not contain a circuit.

Now then, the second query is

How many transactions can be executed per day in Delivery Based Trading?

Consequently, the answer is that you can engage in as many trades as you like in delivery-based trading, i.e., you can purchase any stock as many times as you like per day.

However, you will only be able to sell the stock after it has been credited to your DEMAT account.

In delivery-based trading, you can purchase as many shares as you wish per day, but you can only sell shares that have been credited to your DEMAT account.

In addition, when executing a trade, you must inform the software provided by your stockbroker whether the trade will be executed intraday or for delivery.

This post should have made it clear to you what types of trades you can make on the stock market per day.

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