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How will be Bank NIFTY Tomorrow

To find out when Bank Nifty will go up or down, you have to follow some trading strategy of Bank Nifty. You can see candlestick chart patterns, box strategy, price action, support resistance to know tomorrow’s target for Bank Nifty.

You must have seen some bank nifty traders that after analyzing some time in advance, they tell whether the bank nifty will go up or down, they correctly predict how many points the bank nifty is going to go up or down.

And when the market opens the next day, his bank nifty tommorow prediction turns out to be correct to a large extent.

But how do these people find out the momentum of banknifty in advance? And how can you know how Bank Nifty will do tomorrow? (Kya bank nifty me kya hoga) Today we are going to learn about this.

Before proceeding further in this post, I want to clear you once that any bank nifty movement i.e. bank nifty will go up or down tomorrow, no one can make 100% correct prediction, no matter how big the expert is…

The reason for this is that the decrease in the stock market can be anything, any unknown bank nifty today news can come in the global market, due to which the direction of the market can change suddenly and all your trading strategies can fail.

But yes, you can increase your accuracy of predicting BankNifty target by learning some things. The higher your accuracy, the more profit you can earn from BankNifty.

Below are some points from which you can know banknifty tommorow prediction and Bank Nifty target –

  1. Know from box strategy whether bank nifty will go up or down

Let me tell you in advance that this strategy will work only when bank nifty closes sideways, that is, if bank nifty remains flat for some time and closes someday, then you can easily find out how bank nifty will be the next day from the box strategy. Can.

Suppose if today Bank Nifty closes while trading or moving in the same range, at the time of closing the market, it neither moved up nor down i.e. it closed sideways or flat.

If on any day banknifty closes flat like this, then you have to open 15 minute chart of banknifty by going to trading view website and make a box around that sideways range.

When you make a box around all the 15-minute candles that were closed in the last, then it is a simple matter that when the bank nifty opens tomorrow, the bank nifty will go in the same direction in which the box is broken.

This is a simple theory which has 95% accuracy. If you follow this trading strategy of Bank Nifty, then you can easily find out when Bank Nifty will go up and when it will go down.

Now the question must be coming in your mind that this bank nifty chart strategy will work only when bank nifty flat is closed. But if the bank nifty does not close flat and closes by going up and down or following some other trend, then how will you know in which direction the bank nifty will go?

For this you need to know about the next strategy

  1. Red candle bank nifty strategy for tomorrow target

Under this strategy, you have to see when a big Red candle was formed in BankNifty last time.

  • First of all, open the 1 day chart of banknifty by going to the trading view, then you will understand better.
  • Keep in mind that you have to see only the big Red candle and not the small one.
  • When you see a big Red candle on the 1 day banknifty chart, draw a horizontal trend line each on the high and low of that candle, so that a range is formed between the high and low of that candle.
  • The next day when Bank Nifty will open, it can go in the same way as it breaks this range, if the range breaks upwards, then Bank Nifty will go up and if the range breaks downwards, Bank Nifty will go down.

It is not necessary that the big red candle formed should be of 1 day back only, it can be of 2 days, 3 days or 4 days also but if the range of that candle breaks today or any other day then banknifty is there Can go above or below. The direction in which Bank Nifty will move depends on the direction in which the range was broken.

To tell again in simple language, you just have to put a mark below on the red candle and when the next day a candle on the bank nifty chart breaks the high of that red candle, then the bank nifty will go up and if it breaks the low, then the bank nifty will go down. .

It is a simple matter that you have to trade in the direction in which BankNifty will go.

I hope you have understood this strategy of predicting banknifty.

Before moving on to the next point, let me tell you that the high or low of 1 day candle does not break very quickly, for this you will have to wait a long time. Low still breaks but high doesn’t break so quickly it takes a lot of time.

Bank NIFTY Tomorrow
Bank NIFTY Tomorrow
  1. Know where BankNifty will go from support resistance

Above I have already told you two bank nifty strategy but in them I did not tell you that when bank nifty will go up or down then how far it can go means what will be its support and resistance level? And where should you take entry and exit?

Let me explain you by giving the example of the previous red candle strategy so that you can understand easily.

As per the previous strategy;

  • Suppose the next day a candle breaks the high of the previous red candle, that means bank nifty starts moving upwards. But now you have to find out that till where the banknifty will go upwards, that means what will be the resistance level?

Because if you know the resistance level then only you can set the target where you have to exit your trade.

To know the resistance, you have to mark the high and low of the biggest other red candle which would have been made before the same red candle on the 1 day banknifty chart itself.

The high of the second red candle will be your resistance level. Similarly, the low of the second red candle will be the support level for you.

I hope you have understood this. I know some people are new who may not be understanding some things but you keep learning and slowly everything will become clear.

One more thing let me tell you that whenever Banknifty gap opens it becomes support and when it opens gap up it becomes resistance.

  1. 15 minute opening candle strategy for banknifty

This BankNifty trading strategy is very simple. Through this strategy, you can find out whether Bank Nifty can go up or down by looking at just one 15-minute candle.

For this, mark the high and low of the first 15-minute candle that will be formed on the Bank Nifty chart as soon as the market opens in the morning.

This is all you have to do in this strategy, now if the next 15-minute candle breaks the high or low of this first candle, you will easily see a movement of 300 to 400 points on that side.

This banknifty trading strategy is the simplest which a trader can easily apply and earn good money from bank nifty.

But the thing to keep in mind is that this strategy will work only when the size of the candle is very large, meaning if the first candle becomes small and thick then this strategy will not work. In such a situation, you have to wait for the formation of the next big candle.

  1. Find out the movement when Banknifty gapup or gapdown opens

Gap up and Gap down banknifty trading strategy in hindi – You must know that every day some positive or negative news keeps coming in the global market, which also affects banknifty and that is why it opens gap up or gap down. . When any positive news comes in the market, banknifty gap up opens and when any negative news comes, gap down opens.

But if someday banknifty gap down opens without any news (bank nifty today news) then there are 95% chances of banknifty recovering. But if the market is news based then this strategy will not work.

Now if we look at the opposite, if someday BankNifty opens gap up without any news, then there are very high chances that BankNifty will fall.

Friends, you should understand that why and how this bank nifty strategy works, what is the logic behind its working. Let me explain to you.

Suppose today BankNifty closed at 42200, then it is obvious that there would be many people who would have bought call option or put option. Now suppose as soon as the next day BankNifty opens gap up at 42700 point then what will happen?
Yes, you thought right, those who had bought the call option of Bank Nifty i.e. CE on the previous day will book profit. As he is getting direct profit from 42200 to 42700 i.e. 500 points then he will definitely start selling his call option and make profit.

When so many people suddenly start selling their CE ie call options, then banknifty will start falling.

On the contrary, when the market gap down opens, all the people who had bought the put option on the previous day start selling it, due to which the bank nifty starts going up.

And this is the reason (logic) that when BankNifty opens gapup or gapdown without any latest news, the chances of going up or down are very high.

  1. From the movement of big banks, know when the Bank Nifty will go up and when it will go down

You would know that HDFC Bank has the biggest contribution in taking Banknifty up or down because only this bank’s weightage is more than 25% in Banknifty index.

So if on any day HDFC moves 5% upwards then understand that on that day bank nifty will go up and if it moves 5% downwards there are very high chances that bank nifty will also go down.

It is not necessary that only 5% moves, but even if 3% or 2% moves up or down, then Bank Nifty will also move in the same direction.

You have to keep an eye on the top 5 banks. Suppose if on some day HDFC went 2% upside but on the same day both ICICI and Axis bank went 2-2% downside, then it is difficult to tell whether BankNifty will go up or down on that day. Because there is competition between both buyers and sellers.

It is often seen that in the direction HDFC Bank moves, if any 2 of the top 5 banks move in the same direction, there are very high chances that BankNifty will also move in the same direction.

By now you must have understood how to do banknifty chart prediction 1 day before and how we can find out whether bank nifty will go up or down tomorrow. Let us now also know the answers to some common questions related to this topic.

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