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Rising stocks in 2025 | Which stock to purchase for 2025?

Future Grow Stocks 2025: Investing in the stock market over the long run is a smart strategy to gain substantial profits. You can amass a substantial amount of wealth by investing in future-growing equities, as this is the sole method through which wealthy investors have amassed riches.

No one can predict when or in which industry a slowdown will occur in the future, if the government will outlaw that industry, or if a new company will arrive and destroy the business, making it extremely difficult to select long-term investments.

Therefore, you should purchase long-term shares in companies whose operations will continue for years into the future and whose products and services will be in greater demand in the future.

Today, we’re providing you with a list of future-growing stocks for 2025, from which we’ve selected only those that are expected to provide investors with high returns until 2024 or 2025.

Let’s learn about the top growing stocks through 2025-

future increasing stocks 2025

The share prices of the stocks I will discuss today will expand exponentially by 2025, as the businesses of all these companies are quite robust and their future growth potential is very high.

If you are searching for the top stocks for 2024 or 2025, then you should explore the following organizations.

Happiest Minds Technologies

Prospective Growing Stocks Happiest Minds is the leading stock for 2025. It is an IT corporation with a rapid growth rate. Despite being a midcap firm, its fundamentals are quite good, and its future share price is anticipated to climb substantially.

Before investing in any stock, however, it is crucial to understand its business model. So let’s examine the occupation of the most cheerful mind-

Happiest Mind Company, founded in 2011, operates in the following technical fields:

  • blockchain \scloud
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital process automation
  • The Web of Things (IoT)
  • Automation / Drones
  • Enhanced reality

Why will Happiest Mind’s market share increase in the future?

The following points illustrate the future growth potential of Happiest Mind’s market share:


  • Happiest Mind Company has an excellent Glassdoor rating (4.2), ranking it second in the IT industry.
  • Glassdoor is a website where only current employees of a company can rate their satisfaction with their jobs.
  • Having such a high Happiest Mind rating indicates that the company’s employees are extremely satisfied with their jobs, which is a significant component in the success of any company, as it is the employees that drive the growth of businesses.


  • Clearly, employees merely work, but only the company’s long-term strategy and growth management recognize this.
  • Ashok Suta is the creator of Happiest Mind Company, as well as the former CEO and chairman of Mindtree, another formidable IT company.
  • In addition, he has 15 years of expertise working in Wipro’s IT division.
  • Now you can imagine how beneficial the management’s extensive expertise is for the company’s success.

Expert suggestion:

According to large IT companies, this business could become the next Infosys in the future.

Strong Returns on Shares:

The company’s IPO occurred in 2020, at which point it was placed on the stock market at Rs 166 per share.
In just two years, the company has returned nearly 200 percent to its investors.

Growth Prospects:

Currently, the company’s market capitalization is only around 15,000 crores, whereas the market capitalization of IT industry leaders TCS and Infosys is 11 lakh crores and 6 lakh crores, respectively.
This implies that the potential for growth in the intellect of the happiest person is quite great. Therefore, if the market capitalization of the company increases by a factor of 10, so will your investment.

Profit increase:

Profits have increased at an average CAGR of 112% during the past five years.

Return on Investment:

  • The Return on Equity during the past three years was 38.9%, which is considered to be excellent.
  • In addition to these characteristics, there are numerous others that place this company on the 2025 list of companies with rising shares

Polycab India Ltd

Polycab India Ltd. is the second stock that will increase through 2025. It is the leading manufacturer of cables, wires, and related items in India. Recently, the company has introduced a vast array of electric consumer goods, including fans, switches, LED lights, solar motors, and pumps.

Why would Polycab India’s stock price rise in the near future?

The following points illustrate the development prospects of Polycab India shares:

Growth Prospects:

  • Everyone is aware that the demand for infrastructure and electricity in India will expand in the future, hence increasing the demand for firms like Polycab India’s products.
  • Thus, if the size of the market expands, so will the company’s business.

Reverse Integration:

  • Businesses can expand in two ways: through forward integration or backward integration.
  • Forward integration is when a business begins selling its finished items at a discount or acquires companies that sell finished goods.
  • Whereas backward integration is the inverse of this, meaning that the firm purchases raw materials from another company in order to manufacture its product, it is referred to as such backward integration when the corporation acquires those companies entirely.
  • As a result of Polycab India’s rapid movement toward backward integration, its future business growth is anticipated to be extremely rapid.

Benefits of FMEG:

  • FMEG stands for Fast-Moving Electric Goods, which encompass the vast majority of electrical items.
    In the FMEG market, Polycab India’s revenue is expanding at a rapid rate as the company continues to introduce new consumer electric goods.
  • Presently, 84% of the company’s revenue is derived solely from wires and cables, while just 9% is derived from the FMEG section, indicating that this area has significant growth potential.
    Now you may guess how quickly Polycab India’s market share will expand in the future.

High Profit Margins:

  • Let us inform you that the margin on consumer electronics is extremely high, resulting in increased profit for the firms.
  • When I mentioned in the future, as Polycab India increases its product line, the company’s business and profit margins will improve.
  • These are some of the reasons why I believe Polycab India stock will be a solid addition to the list of Growing Shares 2025 in the near future

Tata power

Tata Power is a stock that is expected to develop till 2025. Future electricity demand will inevitably expand at a rapid rate, which this robust Tata Group company can meet.

Tata Power’s operations in the renewable energy industry will expand rapidly in the future. Which will minimize the country’s carbon emissions and encourage pollution-free green energy.

Tata power
Tata power

People have certain concerns regarding Tata Power share, including;

Which stock among Adani Power and Tata Power should be purchased?

Many people compare Adani Power with Tata Power, but if you’re optimistic about renewable energy, you’ll enjoy Tata Power stock.

This is because the majority of Adani Power’s revenue comes from generating energy by burning thermal power, or coal, which pollutes the environment.

Is it prudent to purchase AdaniGreen shares instead of Tata Power?

Given that Adani Green Company is a leader in the renewable energy sector, it is possible that some investors will be optimistic on the stock.

However, the issue is that the debt is extremely high.

Adani Green Company’s stock is selling at a price-to-earnings ratio of 700, which is an extremely expensive valuation.

Due of Adani Green Shares, investors opt to purchase Tata Power instead.

How much do you anticipate the share price of Tata Power will increase by 2025?

How much can Tata Power’s share price rise by 2024-25? Let’s examine a few factors in the following paragraphs.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure:

  • You would be aware that the demand for electric vehicles in India will rapidly expand.
  • To match the demand for this electric vehicle, all Tata Group firms will participate, including Tata Power, which has already begun construction on a charging station.
  • Tata Power plans to construct one million charging stations in India by 2025 in an effort to bolster the country’s electric vehicle industry.

Utilizing Renewable Energy:

By 2025, the corporation plans to grow its green energy share to 60 percent.

  • And they intend to raise this capacity by 80% by 2030.
  • The company aspires to become carbon neutral by 2050, meaning that all of the electricity it generates will be derived from renewable sources.

High Capital expenditures:

  • The firm’s present capacity is 13.5 GW (Gigawatt), which will be increased to 30 GW by 2027. To grow its renewable energy capacity, the company will invest 75,000 crores in capital expenditures over the next five years.

Experts feel that Tata Power’s stock will become a multibagger in the future as a result of the company’s management’s excellent vision. Tata Power has been included on this list of future rising stocks for 2025 due to these factor

Tata motors

Tata Motors ranks well on the 2025 list of the Best Future Stocks. This company’s stock has been purchased by major investors, including Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Tata Motors is the only corporation developing on a broad scale for the electric vehicle of the future.

Due to the development of avenues for electric vehicles, the corporation will be able to repay all of its debt, despite the fact that its debt is currently relatively high.

When will shares of Tata Motors rise in the future?

In the future, the share price of Tata Motors may grow for the following reasons.

Probability of becoming a multibagger stock:

  • The government’s ambition is that by 2030, 80 percent of vehicles would be electric, because by 2050, India will have achieved its goal of zero carbon emissions.
  • Tata Motors is currently the strongest firm in the global EV market and is at the forefront of electric vehicles due to the Tata Group’s comprehensive ecosystem.
  • To achieve carbon neutrality, the government plans to replace nearly all automobiles with electric vehicles by 2030 in order to eliminate carbon emissions from the atmosphere.
  • Tata Motors will gain the most from this, and as a result, the company’s stock could appreciate substantially in the future.

Increase in Earnings:

  • The company’s revenue is growing rapidly and will continue to do so in the future.
  • This can be deduced from the fact that in 2021, 13,700 electric vehicle vehicles were sold, of which 11,600 were manufactured by Tata Motors.
  • At the same time, electric vehicles such as their Tata Nexon are generating a lot of noise on the market, and the firm is swiftly launching electric vehicles one after another, suggesting that the company’s future income might expand exponentially.

Tata Ecosystem’s benefits include:

  • Tata Motors will benefit from the entire Tata ecosystem in order to manufacture electric vehicles, which means that it will receive assistance from other Tata Group enterprises.
  • Tata Power will install charging stations, TCS and Tata Alexei will deliver innovative technology and software solutions for electric vehicles, Tata croma will assist with the digital experience of EVs, and if you require a loan to purchase a car, Tata Capital will assist you.

Exclusiveness in the EV Industry:

  • Tata Motors has an 80% market share in EVs and sells one out of every five vehicles in the country.
  • Tata’s ecosystem is the primary cause for their 80% market share in the EV sector.
  • To produce electric vehicles, Tata Motors must do everything on its own, from manufacturing batteries to installing charging stations.
  • However, due to the strength of the Tata ecosystem, the company will always be ahead of the competition.

If this occurs, Tata Motors will have a monopoly on the whole market for electric vehicles.
If you are interested in purchasing an excellent stock for 2025, you should consider Tata Motors. Experts on the stock market feel that Tata Motors could become the most profitable stock in the future


The HDFC Bank is unquestionably a future-growing stock, whose share price could expand very rapidly till 2025. It is the number one banking stock on the Nifty50. If the banking industry grows, HDFC Bank will experience the most rapid expansion.

This stock in the banking industry has already delivered multibagger returns and has the potential to do so in the future as well.

Will the share price of HDFC Bank rise in the future?

Future investment in HDFC Bank shares can be advantageous for the following reasons:

Leader in Payment Business-

  • HDFC is the leading bank in India’s payment ecosystem.
  • HDFC Bank has issued more than 3 crore debit cards and more than 1 crore credit cards.
  • According to a research, every third person who uses the card pays using an HDFC card.
  • They have almost 17 million merchant locations in India.
  • About fifty percent of the volume market share for electronic cards is held by HDFC Bank alone.

Leader in the Banking Industry

  • HDFC Bank is the second largest collector of direct taxes.
  • Customers number more than seven billion.
  • There are around 6000 branches and over 13000 outlets developed throughout the nation.
  • This is the only private sector No. 1 in a large market like India. There is one bank with a sixty percent market share.
  • It has the most extensive network in rural and semi-urban areas.
  • HDFC is the exclusive provider of financing for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers in the auto loan market.
  • If observed, HDFC is the market leader in nearly all asset classes.

If you are optimistic about the banking industry, you might pick HDFC Bank, the top stock in the banking industry. Based on the aforementioned factors, it is evident that HDFC Bank’s business will grow fast in the future; therefore, investing in the stock at this moment may be a wise decision.

APL Apollo Tubes

APL Apollo Tubes is the final stock on the 2025 list of growing stocks. The company produces steel pipes and tubes, which are crucial for infrastructure construction. The company’s business is extremely robust, and the share price will rise in the future due to the expansion of infrastructure.

Should APL purchase shares of Apollo Tubes?

The following points will help you realize why investing in APL Apollo Tubes for the future is a sensible choice.

Profit from Infrastructure Development:

We are all aware of the importance of infrastructure to any nation. Infrastructure includes transportation systems, communication networks, roads, buildings, and electrical systems, among other things.
APL Apollo Tubes will gain from the rapid expansion of the nation’s infrastructure development, as the steel tubes and pipes it manufactures are essential for infrastructure construction.
The APL Apollo Tubes Company is India’s leading provider of galvanized pipes used for the following purposes:

APL Apollo Tubes
APL Apollo Tubes

Automotive (Bus Body), Greenhouse Structures, Gates and Grills, Electrical Conduit Scaffolding

In addition, the company manufactures black pipe for water transmission, meaning that black pipe is frequently used to transport water from one location to another.

The company’s market share for steel building pipes is fifty percent. In 2016, their market share in this area was 27%; it has since climbed to 50% and will continue to expand at a rapid rate in the future.
Future growth drivers for the organization may include skyscrapers, infrastructure, airports, and warehousing.
The corporation is seeking expansion prospects in all of these sectors.
They have more than 800 distributors and more than 50,000 merchants nationwide who generate big revenue for the business.
The company’s revenues and profits have continually increased throughout the years.
APL Apollo Tubes stock has returned 450% more to investors over the past five years.

Numerous analysts feel that future profits on APL Apollo Tubes stock will be exceptional. This firm will profit from greater infrastructure investment in the future, which is why we have included APL Apollo Tubes on our list of companies expected to grow through 2025.

List of future growing stocks 2025

No. Share Name Share Price

  1. Happiest Minds 1000 Rs
  2. Polycab India Rs 2637
  3. Tata power 220 Rs
  4. Tata Motors Rs 410
  5. HDFC Bank Rs 1456
  6. APL Apollo Tubes 1100 Rs


Which are the future growers that can give great returns by 2025?

Ans- Happiest Mind, HDFC Bank, APL Apollo Tubes and Polycab India are some of the stocks whose share price is going to rise in future.

Which stocks are going to grow by 2024?

Ans- All the stocks mentioned in this list above are going to grow till 2024.

Which stocks to buy for long term?

Ans- For long-term investment, buy shares of those companies whose demand for their products is going to increase in the future.

conclusion: I hope you enjoyed my article about rising stocks in 2025. In this list, I have only included stocks whose businesses are expected to grow in the future and whose companies can demonstrate high sales and profit growth.

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