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shares priced below Rs 100 in 2022

Shares priced below Rs 100 in 2022: Many people desire to invest in the stock market, but they lack sufficient capital. Therefore, you seek out opportunities to invest in the lowest stock.

In such a scenario, it is advisable to purchase 100 Rs a share for better profits, as shares priced below Rs 100 are neither more expensive nor classified as penny stocks.

Although there are thousands of shares below 100 on the stock market, I have compiled a list of some of the top shares under 100 after extensive study.

Shares of 100 rupees are listed below.

Shares valued at less than Rs 100

Best Stocks Under 100 Rupees: In this list, we’ve included all the stocks that cost less than 100 Rupees.

Shares are fundamentally sound, and the company’s business is expanding.

The corporation is implementing new measures to boost its ROE and ROCE as sales and profits increase.
There is market demand for the company’s goods or services.

And the most crucial factor should not be excessive debt for the business.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned criteria, this list of shares less than 100rs has been compiled, with the majority of the shares priced between 50 and 100.

Let us now discuss the best stocks under one hundred rupees.

List of shares trading below Rs 100 in 2022

No.share nameshare price
1.Himadri Speciality Chemical 100 रुपये
2.Rail Vikas Nigam Limited 31 रुपये
3.Railtel Corp of India 98 रुपये
4.Ashoka Buildcon 80 रुपये
5.IDFC First Bank 45 रुपये
6.Trident 38 रुपये

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited is ranked second on the list of Stocks less than 100 rupees. RVNL is a government business of the Indian Railway Sector that constructs various rail infrastructure projects. Currently, the price of the company’s shares is less than Rs 100. In recent years, the company’s revenues and profits have grown at a healthy rate, and it has also provided investors with a healthy dividend.

Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd

RVNL was founded in 2003 by the Indian government. This company’s initial public offering (IPO) occurred in 2019; it has not been on the stock market for long. Although it is now a small-cap stock, it has provided investors with favorable returns since its listing.

The company is consistently seeking to expand its business, and it has a history of delivering substantial dividends. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) is a good firm if you want to invest in a good growing stock in the government sector that costs less than 100.

Railtel Corporation of India

The third firm on the list of shares less than Rs 100 is Railtel, which provides different services to modernize the Indian Railways, including the development of railway safety systems, the provision of broadband, VPN, telecom, and multimedia services, etc. The company’s market capitalization is approximately 3,100 crores, and its share price is approximately 100.


It is quite uncommon to discover a debt-free firm with a share price below 100, yet the company is debt-free, which is the best aspect.

The firm’s revenue has increased significantly over the past several years, but the profit growth has not increased as much, indicating that the corporation must manage its expenses in order to build shareholder wealth. If seen, the company’s business has a great deal of potential; if the company is able to raise its profits in the future, investors will benefit greatly.

Ashoka Constructors

Ashoka Buildcon is the fourth best stock under one hundred rupees. This infrastructure company is engaged in the building industry. Currently, its share price is about 80. The current market capitalization of the company is barely 2,200 crores, indicating that the company has a great deal of untapped potential; therefore, shares under 100 rupees are an excellent investment.

In recent years, the company’s debt has been rapidly reduced. Considering the return on equity, the company has met the expectations of its shareholders and has also demonstrated a healthy increase in net income. If the company’s profits increase rapidly in the future, the share price could increase dramatically.

IDFC premier bank

This banking sector firm on the list of shares priced at less than 100 has the potential to provide multibagger profits. Over the past few days, IDFC first bank has released exceptionally strong quarterly results. This share’s current price is significantly less than 100, but it has the potential to reach 100 in the near future.

IDFC premier bank
IDFC premier bank

The corporation has drastically reduced its NPA, or non-performing assets. NPAs are bad loans that are repaid in full by the borrower, leaving the bank to face the loss. Therefore, if a bank decreases such individuals, it shows its future growth, which makes this banking sector stock an excellent investment option for less than 100 rupees.


We are also included Trident in the list of stocks trading for less than Rs 100 because this stock once traded for 65 but is currently trading for significantly less. The company’s operations are excellent, and the stock has already become a multiple-bagger.

If we consider fundamentals, it is impossible to find a company with such solid fundamentals at this share price. Trident’s share price has decreased as a result of the market’s sluggishness; however, the company’s business has grown at a quick rate, so it is now trading at a fair price and represents an excellent investment opportunity.

Despite the fact that this stock should be on the list of those trading for less than 50 per share, it may soon achieve the goal price of 100 due to some brief company-related news. Therefore, if you believe in the company’s business, this stock is an excellent investment.


Should I invest money in stocks cheaper than Rs 100?

SIP in shares under 100 rupees is suitable for low-income investors.

Can you lose money if you invest in shares of less than ₹100?

You can sink if you invest in a firm with poor fundamentals, so analyze the business and fundamentals before buying a stock.

Is 100 shares cheap or expensive?

Everyone will label a share of 100 the cheapest, yet most investors have acquired shares of 1, 2, 10, or 20. Shares under 100rs appear stronger.

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