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Technical Analysis and Stock Market

Seeing the benefits of SHARE MARKET, it is absolutely right for us to be attracted towards it.

Because everyone wants to earn maximum profit by investing their savings money, but it cannot be ignored at all that SHARE MARKET is full of risk.

The biggest truth of the share market is that – here everyone enters only to make profit from the share market, but only 10% of the people are able to make money properly from the share market, and the remaining 90% people have LOSS.

And here the reason for 90% of the people having LOSS is that they do not know that

  • When to buy shares,
  • At what price to buy shares
  • how much to buy shares
  • when to sell shares
  • At what price did you sell the shares?
  • how much to sell shares
  • And in case of LOSS how to control your LOSS,

To find out all these things, we need to learn and understand technical analysis.

RISK and RISK control of stock market

By the way, only two things are done in the whole stock market, buying shares and selling shares, now this is the funniest part as well, and the second truth and the most unique thing about this market is that, no one knows exactly that, When to buy shares and when to sell, this is also the risk part of it.

The risk in the market is that no one knows exactly when to buy shares, at what price, and when to sell and at what price.

Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis

That’s what all the risk is about.

Because here no one can be 100% right all the time, and there is no such way by which we can say that we have learned everything about the stock market, and we will always be profitable in the stock market.

Measures to control the risk of stock market –

We have seen that there are two ways in the stock market – buying shares and selling shares,

There are some important things related to these two, such as –

Buying Shares – When to Buy Shares? At what price did you buy? How much to buy shares?

Selling Shares – When to sell shares? At what price did the shares sell? How much did you sell the shares?

Also, in case of LOSS, how to protect the capital?

By keeping information about all these and implementing it, the risk present in the stock market can be controlled, and along with protecting your capital, it can be expected to earn profit in the right way.

As we have already clarified that, no person can always tell exactly when to buy a stock, for how much, for how much to sell, and when and how much should be sold,

But there are some measures for this, by which we, by implementing a better POINT OF VIEW about the shares, about when, at what price, and how much should we sell the stock, By controlling the risks, profit can be increased by reducing LOSS,

And the names of these measures are – FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS

Come, now let’s talk

About Technical Analysis

When we look at the stock of a company only on the basis that when its prices increase and when it decreases, and it is not emphasized that how strong is the company and its ability to earn profit, that is When only the PAST PERFORMANCE of the stock is taken into consideration, then in such a way that BUYING or SELLING is called buying and selling on the basis of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS.

And in this way we can say that, on the basis of FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, you can give an estimate of FUTURE PERFORMANCE of a stock in a good way,

In this context, TECHNICAL ANALYSIS tells us about the buying price of shares, time to buy, how much to buy and when to sell, how much to sell, at what price to sell, stop loss etc.

And that is why even the biggest investors with the help of FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS tell about the changes happening in the market and the deals of shares, when should we buy and sell so that we can earn maximum profit.

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